STEM Education at NPS

We believe in providing students with a competitive foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. We pride ourselves on the collaborative nature of our STEM programs, from partnering with leaders at Altus AFB for real-world experience to having student-led lessons between our grades. Our incredible faculty go above and beyond for our students - for example, in 2019, our very own 5th and 6th grade Science teacher Mrs. Angela Wallace was the Air Force Association Chapter 342’s 2019 STEM Teacher of the Year award. The Chapter also submitted Mrs. Wallace to compete in the state competition in which she was selected as the state runner up.

Technology Student Association - TSA

TSA is an organization dedicated to promoting STEM and leadership through competitions for every student in the United States. The organization focuses on several goals:

  • Providing

    hands-on competitions for students

    to test skills with real-world applications

  • Competitive

    with other people in Oklahoma and across the nation to earn prizes and recognition

  • Leadership oriented

  • Highly collaborative

With scholarships and recognition available to participating students, Navajo Public Schools is proud to be a part of this program.

Click here to visit the Oklahoma TSA website

tsa students on field trip outdoors